Offering Quality Dog Boarding and Care Services

Our team aims to show our love for our dogs through how we take care of your furry family. Even though we currently don't offer dog training and grooming, caring and loving all four-legged friends is not simply a job for us, but an expression of our passion.

Day Care for Dogs

Through our dog day care service, your pooch will have access to experiences that help him or her grow and be happy. With us and other doggies, your furry friend can learn new skills, get an exercise, and become more social.

Overnight Dog Accommodations

For a well-deserved vacation or overnight stay and care solutions for your beloved pup, turn to us for quality dog boarding services. We take pride in making your dog's safety a priority while providing a fun environment that helps improve your pooch's activity, energy, and well-being.

Membership Evaluation

Before letting new furry friends join our community and stay at our facility, we require a complete membership evaluation. This assessment that covers a review of your dog (Medical, Personality and Temperament Habits) to help us ensure the safety of your dog and create a program suited to your pup. Get in touch with us to schedule your evaluation.


Rates effective beginning December 1, 2021

Doggy Day Care

  • Half-Day Dog Care (Up to 6 hrs.): $25
  • Full-Day Dog Care (6-11hrs.): $32
  • Evaluation: $20

Half-Day Care Packages

  • Set of 5: $120
  • Set of 10: $230
  • Set of 15: $330
  • Set of 20: $420

Full-Day Care Packages

  • Set of 5: $155
  • Set of 10: $300
  • Set of 15: $435
  • Set of 20: $560

Dog Boarding

  • Full Dog Boarding Services: $51

Discover Our Facility and Services

Feel free to contact us to complete a membership evaluation. You can also schedule a visit to find out if our boarding and day care place is the right fit for you and your dog's requirements.