Our Mission

To provide the best care and love for all our furry friends from the smallest to the biggest dogs and from the youngest to the eldest dogs. We will work to achieve the best environment and care services for both you and your dog.

Our Core Values

Following years of being involved with dog care facilities, our team leads in providing a safe, loving, and relaxing environment where all dogs are taken care of. We believe that everyone has their own ways of living and we do our best to accommodate the needs of your pup while maintaining
their safety.

Providing Quality Dog Care

Our team consists of experienced members who are passionate about dogs. With our leader's example, we care for all the dogs we care for regardless of their size, breed, gender, or tales of temperament. Being committed to the safety and quality of living of all four-legged pals, we serve with integrity and a dedication to continuous learning.

Learn More

Get in touch with us to find out more about our dog boarding and care services. Our facility has no size limit and is ideally situated just off the East Lombard exit ramp of the I-5.